Core Facilities

March 2017 - Image of the Month

March 2017, [body_1] Image Provided by Kelley D. Goncalves from Joanna L. Shisler Lab

Superresolution microscopy of Viral Trafficking - This image was acquired using LSM 880 Airyscan under Superresolution mode and processed for Isosurface objects in the 3D rendering program Imaris.

Image Provided by: Kelley D. Goncalves from Joanna L. Shisler Lab


The Core Facilities at the IGB is a state-of-the-art resource for biological microscopy and image analysis. The core mission of the facility is to provide IGB faculty, as well as faculty from across campus with the tools and expertise to meet their imaging goals. In addition to providing technical assistance in acquiring and analyzing microscopy images the staff is also able to aid in designing and interpreting experiments. Check out this video to find out more about the Core Facilities.

Education and Training

The Core Facilities train over one hundred new users a year on one or more instruments and are co-hosting a bioimaging camp for middle school girls with GAMES.

Our new user procedures (click on link) form guides new users through the training process.  To request training (theory training is required for most microscopes including LSM 700, LSM 710, Apotome, SR-SIM, before the hands-on training), please fill out our training request form.  Users have access to IGB disk space through the IGB computer and network resources group to transfer data. To request access to the IGB building, please fill out the IGB Entry Request Form.


In addition to the typical fee for training and instrument time, collaborations with the core facilities staff can be beneficial in the development of unique methods or capabilities.  Publications containing work performed in the core facilities should use these guidelines for acknowledging the core facilities.


In addition to the Core Facilities, there are other Campus Resources available to faculty, staff and students.