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New Employee Checklist

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Before obtaining your IGB prox card (functions as both an I-Card for University purposes and a prox card for the IGB card access system) or taking the IGB online safety training, you need to obtain an IGB system services account at the IGB Help Desk- Room 2626, 2nd floor Gatehouse.  This account enables access to all IGB system services, such as email, calendar, file-sharing, cluster, and web publishing.


  • Complete an IGB Entry Request Form.  This form is also available at the IGB Gatehouse Reception Desk (1st floor – Room 1601).
  • This form must be signed by the Theme Leader or his/her designate.
  • Take the completed/signed IGB Entry Request Form to the IGB receptionist - Room 1601.
  • The IGB receptionist will collect your prox card payment and key deposit (if applicable).
    • IGB Prox Card: $ 8.50 non-refundable payment is required.
    • Key Deposit: $20.00 refundable key deposit, if applicable, is required.
    • Payment: Cash or check payable to the University of Illinois. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit/debit cards are accepted. CFOAP accounts are not accepted for payment or deposit.  
    • Prox card access and key(s) will be NOT be issued without payment or deposit.
  • Take the following to University I-Card Center: White payment receipt, Current University I-Card (If you do not have or never been issued a University I-Card, you must present a government-issued  photo ID such as passport or driver’s license)University I-Card Center: Illini Union Bookstore809 South Wright Street – 1st floorChampaign, IL 61820Phone: 217-244-0135Email: IDCenter@uiuc.eduHours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.Extended hours at the start of each semester; call for details.
  • The prox card is issued after taking a new picture and has a five-digit code on the back, upper left hand corner that distinguishes as a prox card as opposed to a regular I-Card.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your new card to be entered in the system.


You need to complete the online Safety Training (if appropriate) required for your role at IGB (for example, performing research or not performing research) as outlined on page 2. Your prox card cannot be activated until you have completed the training required.


Researchers who will be working in IGB laboratories are required to take:

  • Division of Research Safety (DRS) General Laboratory Safety.
  • Division of Research Safety (DRS) Understanding Biosafety.               
  • IGB training for researchers.

IGB support staff safety training – computer work only:

  • IGB support staff training, which includes information regarding weather-related emergencies, fire alarm system, areas of rescue assistance, and building evacuation plans.

Users of the Core Facilities who are not also working in the IGB are required to take:

  • Division of Research Safety (DRS) Online General Laboratory Safety Training
  • Division of Research Safety (DRS) Understanding Biosafety
  • Lab workers who are performing research
  • Core Facilities Training Certificate, which is issued by the IGB Core Facilities

Faculty are not required to take the online safety training, but strongly encouraged to review minimally the training slides for researchers.  This training set includes building safety information and IGB-specific requirements.  The Division of Research Safety Online General Laboratory Safety Training provides general lab safety information and some campus safety policies and procedures.

Websites for Online Training

DRS:  General Laboratory Safety:    http://www.drs.illinois.edu/Training?section=GeneralLabSafety#GeneralLab...

Understanding Biosafety:   http://www.drs.illinois.edu/Training?section=BiologicalSafety#Understand...

Upon completing the DRS safety trainings (required by the VCR for people working in laboratories at Illinois), print the certificates.  If you have already taken the DRS exam(s), you can go to the DRS website and print out an additional certificate(s) without retaking the exam at https://www.drs.illinois.edu/Account/Login?returnUrl=/trainingapp/tdbMyS...

The certificate(s) can be hand delivered to Kathy Millage in Room 1601 or via email (PDF version) to kmillage@igb.illinois.edu.

Lab workers doing research:


IGB support staff safety training:


Exam/quiz for IGB safety training (use login information you obtained in 2626 IGB):


No printout is necessary for the IGB safety exam.  Your result will be accessed via the database.


Phone and computer information is based on information you previously provided to Dan Davidson.  If any changes, please notify Dan at help@igb.illinois.edu.


When your prox card is activated, you will receive email notification.  This email may request that you provide the five-digit code on the back of your new I-Card.

If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact Kathy Millage at 217-265-8022 or kmillage@igb.illinois.edu.