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The goal of IGB Safety and Compliance is to provide a safe environment for researchers, support staff, students and visitors, encourage and enable the development of a safety culture within the Institute and enhance the Institute’s public image, while minimizing disruption to research activities. IGB Safety and Compliance develops and administers comprehensive safety and compliance programs, which in concert with other campus safety units and in partnership with the IGB research community assures compliance with regulatory requirements.  Additionally, the office interfaces with outside agencies as required and appropriate, provides teaching and training programs for personnel using IGB facilities, maintains safety equipment, supplies, and a collection of safety resource materials, and coordinates other safety and compliance-related functions within the IGB.

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If you have any questions regarding safety at the IGB, please feel free to contact:

Robert Mann - email: bobmann@igb.illinois.edu, voice 217-244-8346, fax: 217-244-4867