Administrative Directory

IGB Administration

  • Photo of Gene E. Robinson
    Gene E. Robinson
    Faculty - GNDP
  • Photo of Kim  Johnson
    Kim Johnson
    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Jennifer  Quirk
    Jennifer Quirk
    Associate Director
  • Photo of Darci  Edmonson
    Darci Edmonson
    Events Coordinator
  • Photo of Gary  Anderson
    Gary Anderson
    Director of Budget and Resource Planning
  • Photo of Dan  Davidson
    Dan Davidson
    Director of CNRG and Research Computing
  • Photo of Nicholas  Vasi
    Nicholas Vasi
    Director of Communications
  • Photo of Glenn  Fried
    Glenn Fried
    Director of Core Facilities
  • Photo of Melissa  McKillip
    Melissa McKillip
    Director of Engagement & External Relations
  • Photo of Jesse  Southern
    Jesse Southern
    Director of Operations and Facilities
  • Photo of Robert  Mann
    Robert Mann
    Occupational Safety Coordinator
  • Photo of C. Victor  Jongeneel
    C. Victor Jongeneel
    Director of Bioinformatics and HPCBio

Research Theme Leaders

  • Photo of Isaac K. O. Cann
    Isaac K. O. Cann
    Energy Biosciences Institute
  • Photo of Nigel D. Goldenfeld
    Nigel D. Goldenfeld
  • Photo of Brendan A. Harley
    Brendan A. Harley
    Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
  • Photo of Paul J. Hergenrother
    Paul J. Hergenrother
    Anticancer Discovery from Pets to People
  • Photo of William W. Metcalf
    William W. Metcalf
    Mining Microbial Genomes
  • Photo of Donald R. Ort
    Donald R. Ort
    Genomic Ecology of Global Change
  • Photo of Lisa J. Stubbs
    Lisa J. Stubbs
    Gene Networks in Neural & Developmental Plasticity
  • Photo of Derek E. Wildman
    Derek E. Wildman
    Computing Genomes for Reproductive Health
  • Photo of Huimin  Zhao
    Huimin Zhao
    Biosystems Design