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Bringing together Research and Industry

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Academics and business leaders are realizing that science, technology, and business are no longer separate entities, but actually, require each other to thrive. The IGB strives to provide postdoctoral researchers, students, and faculty with an environment, resources, networking and the exposure necessary to become a successful innovator and entrepreneur.

Fox Family Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series and Certificate Program
The Fox family and the IGB have partnered to bring a series of speakers to discuss all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. Past speakers have included members from the Office of Technology Management and the Technology Entrepreneur Center on campus, to external speakers from public and private industry. This certificate program has been designed to introduce IGB and science academics to fundamental business methodologies including creating a business plan, managing intellectual property, overseeing finances, marketing, and customer discovery, and other skills essential for entrepreneurial ventures. 

The thirteen-week curriculum will expose students to an environment and resources from around campus that are necessary to become a successful innovator and entrepreneur. 

To register please fill out the Certificate application here.

Sample Course Syllabus

Date Session Guest Speaker Time  Location Assignment

Tuesday 2/6/2018

Developing a Project Office of Technology Management 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Elevator Pitch and Business Canvas Model



NSF I-Corp Introduction Jed Taylor, Director at Technology Entrepreneur Center 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Business Canvas Model and Questions

Tuesday 2/20/2018

Fox Family Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lecture Series Andrew Miller Noon-2pm IGB 612 Customer Interview
Tuesday 2/27/2018 Securing Funding  TBA 5pm-7pm IGB 612  

Tuesday 3/6/2018

The Basics of Pitching Harlee Sorkin, Co-founder and Managing Director of Common Place Holdings, LLC 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Pitch slide deck

Tuesday 3/13/2018

Practice Pitch TBA 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Questions

Thursday 3/29/2018

Fox Family Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lecture Series

Catherine Kleinmuntz Noon-2pm IGB 612  

Tuesday 4/3/2018

Research Park Tour Research Park Noon-2pm Research Park  

Tuesday 4/10/2018

IGB Start-up Experience Ran Chao, Co-founder of LifeFoundry, Inc. 5pm-7pm IGB 612  

Tuesday 4/17/2018

Consumer Genomics Dr. Gene Robinson, Director of the Institute for Genomic Biology 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Final Pitch Slide Deck

Tuesday 4/24/2018

Final Pitches and Graduation Judge Panel 5pm-7pm IGB 612 Consumer Genomics Business Ideas

Tuesday 5/1/2018

Genetic Code-a-thon College of Business Judge Panel 5pm - 8pm  IGB 612  



What are the academic requirements for admission?

This course has been designed for graduate students and professionals working in science and engineering fields. You are required to have completed a bachelor's degree.

What are the course requirements?

Each session will involve lecture, discussion and group work. You are required to attend and participate in general discussion and group work. You will be required to attend two Fox Family Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lectures as well as one Technology Entrepreneurship Center Social Fuse and Research Park Startup Cafe (dates and times TBA).

How many hours will be required?

Plan on spending 2-4 hours a week on the program.

How will I pay for the program?

The program will cost $200 to cover food and teaching costs (meals will be provided for each session). You can pay with a credit card. A secondary registration process will be provided closer to the start date to finalize registration and payment.


Courtney Fenlon, Ph.D., or 217-300-8870