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Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope

The Cypher is a state-of-the-art AFM from Asylum Research, featuring exceptionally low noise and fast scanning capabilities in addition to advanced scanning modes in air or liquid environments. Maximum lateral scan size on this instrument is 30 µm x 30 µm.

With the sealed cell, Cypher ES Enviromental AFM is capable of controlling your sample environment during scanning such as, Temperature Control, Fluid or Gas Perfusion. Multiple feed throughs on the side door provide easy connection of gas/liquid perfusion lines.


Sealed Cell

The sealed cell modular supports positive pressure (up to 5psig) for gas/liquid perfusion and allow liquid volumes as small as 20 μL. The sample stage enables precise temperature control.


Sample image

Image of calcite crystal under water acquired with liquid cell.


AFM tip distributors

NOTE: Commonly used tips and sample supplies are available for purchase in the MRL storeroom.
BS-Tap300Al tapping tips from BudgetSensors (very inexpensive but good), and for extra sharp tips, SuperSharpSilicon from Nanosensors. Both of these are carried in the storeroom and can be charged to your University of Illinois account if you have one.

Some other good sources of AFM tips:


Location: 121B, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Contact Person: Austin Cyphersmith
, 217-244-9654,
Fees: See fees page