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Multiphoton Confocal Microscope Zeiss 710

Multiphoton Confocal Microscope Zeiss 710

This system has been purchased with funds from Institute for Genomic Biology and a grant to Taekjip Ha from Howard Hughes Medical Institute. This system consists of a Zeiss 710 confocal scanner, Axio Observer Z1 microscope and a Spectraphysics Mai-Tai Ti-Sapphire laser.

The microscope has the following features:

  • Seven visible excitation lines: 405nm, 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm, 594nm, 633nm.
  • Deep See eHP laser, tunable from 690nm to1040nm with 70 fs pulses.
  • Twin gate beam splitter and spectral recycling loop for increased sensitivity.
  • QUASAR 34 channel spectral detector (2 standard PMTs and a 32 channel PMT array) with spectral resolutions up to 3 nm.
  • Two high sensitivity non de-scanned detectors (GaAsP-NDD).
  • Fluorescence Life time Imaging (FLIM) from ISS
  • Up to 6D acquisition (XYZTλP), XZ, YZ and Mosaics with simultaneous and sequential scan.
  • ZEN 2008 software for hardware control and spectral un-mixing; removal of auto-fluorescence.
  • Multi-Time/Physiology/FRET/FRAP software modules.
  • Up to 6000x6000 pixels per frame.
  • 3D datasets can be rendered with Imaris and Analyze.


Technical data on LSM710

Tutorial on optical image formation, electronic signal processing and image digitization

Confocal image acquisition-Quick reference guide

Zen-lite software download


Manufacturer: Zeiss

Equipment Model: Zeiss LSM 710 NLO

Location: 121E, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Mayandi Sivaguru, 217-333-1214,

Fees & Consumables: See fees page

Sample images: