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NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System

NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System

Nanozoomer 2.0 - HT Slide Scanner by Hamamatsu

Nanozoomer is suitable for high throughput slide scanning. It has three easy-to-use operation modes: single slide mode/manual, automatic (batch), and semiautomatic (batch)

Typical images 

NanoZoomer Sample Image - Carol

NanoZoomer Sample Image - FernandoNanoZoomer Sample Image - Victor

System Configuration

  • Imaging: Brightfield
  • Objective lens: 20x/0.75 (users can select 20x or 40x mode at start of scanning)
  • Scanning speed: 20x (0.46 µm/pixel) and 40x (0.23 µm/pixel)
  • scanning of standard-size: 26 mm x 76 mm slide, thickness 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm
  • slide holder: 210 slides per batch (7 cassettes, 30 slides/cassette)

Manufacturer: Hamamatsu

Equipment Model: Nanozoomer 2.0-HT Slide Scanner

Location: Room 600, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Miranda O'Dell, 217-300-6440,

Fees & Consumables:

Nanozoomer basic operation:

Software to view the image: NDP.View2:

NDP.view2 U12388-01 Instruction manual:

Training materials

NDPI Software Instructions

For your convenience, the Nanozoomer is now capable of logging off from remote sites now. Therefore, the log book that was being used to indicate hourly usage has been removed. This means that you will now be billed based upon your computer log in and log off time frames.  If you are running overnight, or long runs on the instrument you should log off as soon as it is done, so as not to incur unnecessary charges.

To access data files from this computer, please go to Run and type \\

You'll still need to login with your IGB account, you'll need to use IGB/username to login.

To login/logoff after hours, please use RealVNC and follow the steps in the link below.