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StereoMicroscope v12

Fluorescence Stereomicroscope - Zeiss Stereolumar v12

A Zeiss Stereolumar v12 microscope with DAPI, GFP and Rhodamine fluorescent filters (automatically changeable) together with reflected and transmitted brightfield illuminations, Axiocam HRc high resolution color camera (12MP), with 0.8x (total of 80x magnification and 1.5x (total of 150x magnification) objectives of up to 800 nm resolution in XY.

Axiovision Take Off Guide


  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Equipment Model: Zeiss Stereolumar v 12
  • Location: 124D, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
  • Contact Person: Austin Cyphersmith, 217-244-9654,
  • Fees & Consumables: See fees page