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The Vibratome 1000 Plus Sectioning System provides a versatile method of sectioning fresh or fixed, animal, or plant tissues. The Vibratome 1000 Plus has a manual stage advance and a semi-automatic blade movement. The total specimen feed is 15mm enabling more room for specimen height. Section thickness increments are 5um with “stroke pause facility”. The sectioning speed ranges from zero to 5mm/second with a sectioning range to max. 40mm, the return speed is 5mm/second. Incorporated in the system is a sectioning window adjustment for greater efficiency. The max. specimen size is 60W x 40D x 15H mm. The design of the Vibratome 1000 Plus also includes a protection against spills on the housing and a magnifier glass with illumination.

  • Manufacturer: Vibratome
  • Equipment Model: Vibratome 1000 Plus
  • Location: 121G, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
  • Contact Person: Kingsley Boateng, 217-300-1642,
  • Fees & Consumables: See fees page