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Widefield Fluorescence Microscope

Widefield Fluorescence Microscope

Widefield Fluorescence Microscope

Widefield microscopy for fluorescence and transmitted light applications. Phase contrast, DIC, and FRET, and fluorescent filter options are available. An incubation chamber with CO2 with temperature controls is available for live cell imaging.

System Configuration

  • Light source: Halogen lamp for bright-field microscopy, mercury lamp (X-Cite series 120 PC)
  • Fluorescence Filter Cubes:  DAPI, GFP, CY3, CY5
  • FRET Filters: CFP, YFP
  • Objectives: 10x/0.3 Dry, 20x/0.8 Dry, 40X/0.6 Dry, 40x/1.2 Water, 63x/1.4 Oil, 63 X/1.4 oil (Ph3)
  • Cameras: Axiocam 506 color, Axiocam 506 b&w, and Orca Flash 4.0 v3 CMOS
  • Acquisition software: Zen Black (Zen 2.3)


Manufacturer: Zeiss

Equipment Model: Zeiss Axiovert 200M

Location: 121C, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Austin Cyphersmith, 217-244-9654,

Fees & Consumables: See fees page

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Köhler Illumination:

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