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Zeiss LSM 900 Confocal with Airyscan 2

LSM 900 with Airyscan 2

The Zeiss LSM 900 is an inverted confocal laser scanning microscope with Airyscan 2. This system is equipped with two PMTs, a 32 channel GaAsP-PMT area detector, and a transmitted light PMT for DIC imaging.

New Features

  • The Airyscan 2 detector provides sub-diffraction limited imaging down to 120 nm (XY) and 350 nm (Z) resolution.

  • The software comes with an Airyscan Joint Deconvolution module that can improve resolution to 90 nm (XY) and 270 nm (Z).

  • The new AI Sample Finder can identify areas of interest and setup scan areas automatically.

  • The software, Zen Blue 3.6, offers greatly improved tile scan functionality.

  • An Airyscan Multiplex 4Y option allows confocal imaging at over 3 frames per second.


Manufacturer: Zeiss

Equipment Model: Zeiss LSM 900

Location: 14B, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Austin Cyphersmith, 217-244-9654,

Fees & Consumables:


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