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Illinois IGB



New Employee Checklist


Complete an IGB Entry Request Form, which is available at the IGB Gatehouse Reception Desk  (1st floor – Room 1601) or download here. Form must be signed by the Theme Leader or his/her designate.

  • Theme Leader or his/her designate can email IGB Facilities ( confirming your IGB affiliation; if returning in person to IGB Gatehouse Reception, signature required.

  • Return completed/signed IGB Entry Request Form electronically to IGB Facilties or IGB Gatehouse Reception.

    If you need a physical office or room key, there is a $20.00 refundable key deposit, which is payable in cash, check (payable to the University of Illinois), or credit or debit (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).  CFOAPs cannot be used.  Keys are issued at IGB Gatehouse Reception.  Email IGB Facilities (


An IGB system services account is needed to complete the IGB online training and access to all IGB system services, such as email, calendar, file-sharing, and web publishing.  Email who will create your IGB computer account and email instructions on setting your password.


  • If you have an i-Card, check the back for numbers, which designates you already have the prox card and can be programmed for IGB access.    
  • If the back of your i-Card is blank, take your current card to the i-Card Center to obtain the i-Card/prox card. Any info on your current card automatically transfers to the new card.
  • If you’ve never had an i-Card, present a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport), at the i-Card Center and the i-Card/prox card will be issued.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for card activation.
  • The card will automatically be programmed; you do not need to present at the IGB Gatehouse.  If access issues, please contact IGB Facilities (
  • The i-Card Center is located at:   Illini Union Bookstore, 809 South Wright Street (1st Floor) Champaign, IL

        Phone:  217-244-0135
        Fax:      217-239-6899
        Hours:  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with extended hours at the beginning of each       
                          semester. Closed on designated holidays, reduced-service days, and whenever the Illini Union Bookstore               
                          is closed.


You must complete the online Safety Trainings required for your role at IGB (researcher or support staff).  Your prox card cannot be activated until all mandatory training documentation is included with your IGB entry form. Email your DRS and IGB training certificates to IGB Facilities (   
NOTE:  DRS certificate(s), which you already completed, can be accessed at 

Mandatory Online Safety Trainings Based on Your Role at IGB

  • Researchers, Core Facilities Users, and Support Staff



  • Researchers Using BSL-2 Cell Culture:  Safe Handling of Human Cell Lines/Materials in a Research Laboratory is required annually to work in a BSL-2 lab. 3500 is a BSL-2 lab, and BSL-2 training is required. If working in 1200 IGB, please check with your theme lab manager to see if BSL-2 training is required. The first time training is done in person through a Live Training     provided by DRS.  Follow the link below. There are two options:  “Register for Live Training” (for first time users), and “Take Online Training” (for annual     renewal.  After selecting “Register for Live Training”, select a session and “Enroll”.  Then select the appropriate PI registered as BSL-2.  Once this training is complete, the certificate of completion can be found under your training certifications on the DRS website.  Please email this certificate to both IGB Facilities ( and respective lab manager.…


  • IGB support staff safety training (computer work only)
  • IGB support staff safety training.  Information includes severe weather-related emergencies, fire alarm system,     areas of rescue assistance, and building evacuation plans, and required for all IGB support staff.
    (use NetID and password obtained in 131 IGB).



  • Faculty are not required to take online safety training, but strongly encouraged to review minimally the training slides for researchers, which includes building safety information and IGB-specific requirements.  DRS Online General Laboratory Safety Training provides general lab safety information and campus safety policies and procedures.



Phone and computer information are based on info you previously provided to the IGB Help Desk. Notify if any changes.  


If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact IGB Facilities (