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Business Office

Business Office

The IGB Business Office processes appointments, proposals, purchases, reports, visas, etc., and serves as the liaison between IGB faculty, staff, students and University administration for business-related functional and compliance issues which may arise as a result of conducting the day-to-day operations of the Institute.

Business Office Functions / Contacts:


Airfare Purchase IGB Purchasing Group
Allocations Dale Johnston
(217) 244-5595
Appointment Processing Jacinda King
(217) 244-2276
Billings Erin Johnson
(217) 300-2733
Copy Machine Access (IGB)
Copy Machine ID Request Form (PDF)
Bobby Alexander
(217) 244-6789
Grants and Contracts Rochelle Ramsey
(217) 244-3161
Invoice Vouchers Carla Dickey
(217) 244-4522
P-Card/T-Card Manager (Set-Up and Approval) Carla Dickey
(217) 244-4522
P-Card/T-Card Reconciliation Lori McLain
(217) 300-1963
Payroll/Time sheets Barb Witte
(217) 244-0039
Purchasing and Procurement Oversight
Purchasing - Pcard Order Information Form
IGB Purchasing Group
Refreshment/Meal Form
IGB Documentation for Meals & Refreshments
IGB Purchasing Group
Travel Reimbursements (Domestic)
Request for Authority to Travel Form
Carla Dickey
(217) 244-4522
Travel Reimbursements (Foreign)
Request for Authority to Travel Form
Carla Dickey
(217) 244-4522
Visas Jacinda King
(217) 244-2276
iBUY Orders Renee Profancik
(217) 300-8607

If you have any questions regarding the operations of the IGB Business Office, please feel free to contact Dale Johnston at 244-5595 or by e-mail at

Business Office Fax: (217) 265-6570

IGB Grant and Proposal Processing Support

Members of the Communications office and the Business office are available to assist you in creating and submitting your grant proposals and outreach programs. Contact us, download an overview of services, or visit this page for more information.