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About IGOH

Infection Genomics for One Health (IGOH) researchers work to create a framework that describes microbial communities and their genes across different natural and human-made environments

Microbe communities span across all of our agricultural, industrial, and natural systems, and they can directly impact human health and disease. Predictive models for the movement of genes, genomes, and microbes across these interconnected ecosystems are desperately needed to be able to address urgent and critical threats to human health, such as antimicrobial resistance, transmission of disease, and maintaining healthy microbial communities. The Infection Genomics for One Health (IGOH) theme aims to identify gene dynamics of microbes across ever-changing natural, human, and agricultural ecosystems, and create a framework that can describe and predict microbial interactions and gene movement. This data can then be used to determine what factors influence microbial transmission, resistance, and symbiotic interactions in different environments.