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About MMG

Identifying undiscovered microbial sources with medical potential for new antibiotics and other beneficial drugs through Mining Microbial Genomes (MMG)

How will humanity deal with the pressing need for new drugs to treat bacterial and fungal pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics? How will society deal with new viral epidemics? The COVID-19 pandemic has made abundantly clear the threat of infectious diseases and our unpreparedness as a community. The MMG theme uses the vast amounts of genomic information available from diverse sources including bacteria, viruses, fungi, humans and birds to search for new molecular mechanisms to fight infectious diseases. The theme focuses on two main goals, development of new antibiotics and identification of effective antibody and peptide-based strategies against viruses.

The research in the MMG theme may ultimately lead to the discovery of new antibiotics against multi-drug resistant pathogens. In addition, the theme members are working towards methods to fight bird flu, including development of highly effective antibodies, identification of epitopes for vaccine development, and development of new methods for evolution of neutralizing antibodies and cyclic peptides.