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Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

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The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a number of fellowships for truly exceptional young scholars who have completed their PhD within the last several years, and are looking for a stimulating and supportive interdisciplinary environment to carry out independent and collaborative research in the field of genomic biology. IGB Fellows will typically spend two to three years conducting research in one of several research themes in the institute, and ideally this research will also overlap with two or more of these thematic areas. 

Anticancer Discovery from Pets to People
Seeking candidates with experience in anticancer drugs, drug discovery, veterinary medicine, computational comparative oncology and genomics in animal models.

Seeking candidates with a strong quantitative background to join a variety of projects in: astrobiology and the emergence of life, geomicrobiology, metabolism and metagenomics of microbial communities, and the systems biology of microbes, biofilms and ecosystems.

Biosystems Design
Seeking candidates with experience in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, protein engineering, genome engineering, systems biology, mass spectroscopy, laboratory automation, computer aided design, and bioinformatics.

Computing Genomes for Reproductive Health
Seeking candidates with experience in computational medicine, reproductive biology, statistical genomics, epigenomics, social science, and engineering and systems approaches to human health to develop predictive medicine.

Gene Networks in Neural & Developmental Plasticity
Seeking candidates with strong bioinformatics skills and expertise in gene regulation (especially relating to transcription factor dynamics or epigenomics), evolutionary biology, neuroscience, neurogenomics, animal behavior, systems biology, and bioinformatics.

Genomic Ecology of Global Change
Seeking candidates with a strong background in plant biology and a record of expertise in molecular biology, genomic ecology, synthetic biology, physiology, and modeling of gene networks or ecosystem function.

Infection Genomics for One Health
Seeking candidates with experience in microbial ecosystems, antimicrobial resistance, infection biology, ecology, evolution, microbiology, virology, biomedical sciences, agricultural and food sciences, entomology, engineering, and anthropology.

Microbiome Metabolic Engineering
Seeking candidates with experience in microbial physiology, microbial biochemistry, microbial ecology, enzymology, nutrition, animal model development, toxicology and environmental health, and systems biology to understand the microbiome’s role in health.

Mining Microbial Genomes
Seeking candidates with experience in microbially produced natural products, enzyme evolution, bacterial metabolism, bacterial genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, enzyme evolution, metabolic engineering, organic synthesis, bioinformatics, and metagenomics.

Omics Nanotechnology for Cancer Precision Medicine
Seeking candidates with experience in nanotechnology, oncology, precision medicine, therapeutics, genomics, molecular and cellular biology, bioinformatics, engineering, bioengineering, and chemistry.

Regenerative Biology & Tissue Engineering
Seeking candidates with experience in emerging topics in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering: biomaterials, (stem) cell biology, engineered cancer models, immunomodulation, microfluidics, tissue-on-a-chip, three-dimensional printing, and drug delivery.