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Matthew B. Wheeler

Group Members
Dongshin Kim
Synthia Lane
Elisa Monaco
Shanna Wilson
Samantha Ann Malusky

Visiting Scientists
Cristiano Feltrin

Alecsandra Sobreira de Lima
Sherrie G Clark-Deener
Marco Mello
Eric Walters
Tara VanEtten

Matthew B. Wheeler, PhD
Department of Animal Sciences
Institute for Genomic Biology
Beckman Institute

contact: mbwheele at uiuc.edu

Matthew Wheeler received his Ph.D. (Physiology and Biophysics) from Colorado State University in 1986. He is a professor in the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences, Director of the Transgenic Animal Facility in the UI Biotechnology Center and an affiliate faculty member in both the Beckman Institute Biological Sensors group and Institue for Genomic Biology Tissue Engineering group. His fields of professional interest are microfluidics; nanometer-scale integrated systems, biology of single mammalian embryos and embryonic stem cells, remote sensing of embryo metabolism and embryonic health, microcalorimetry and MEMS actuators.

Selected Journal Articles

Wheeler, M.B., Rutledge, J.J., Fischer-Brown, A., VanEtten, T., Malusky, S., and Beebe, D.J. (2006), "Application of sexed semen technology to in vitro embryo production in cattle," Theriogenology, 65, pp. 219–227.

Clark, S.G., Beebe, D.J., and Wheeler, M.B. (2005), "Reduction of polyspermic penetration using novel microfluidic technology during in vitro fertilization," Lab on a Chip, 5, pp. 1229–1232.

Monaco, M.H., Gronlund, D.E., Bleck, G.T., Hurley, W.L, Wheeler, M.B., and Donovan, S.M. (2005), "Mammary specific transgenic over-expression of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) increases pig milk IGF-I and IGF binding proteins, with no effect on milk composition or yield," Transgenic Research, 14, pp. 761–773.

Zeringue, H.C., Wheeler, M.B., and Beebe, D.J. (2005), "A Microfluidic Method for Removal of the Zona Pellucida from Mammalian Embryos," Lab on a Chip, 5, pp. 108-110.

Raty, S., Walters, E.M., Davis, J., Zeringue, H.C., Beebe, D.J., Rodriguez-Zas, S.L., and Wheeler, M.B. (2004), "Embryonic Development in the Mouse Enhanced by via Microchannel Culture," Lab on a Chip, 4, pp. 186-190.

Wheeler, M.B., Clark, S.G., and Beebe, D.J. (2004), "Developments in in vitro technologies for swine embryo production," Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 16, pp. 15-25.