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Research Areas

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Modeling

The Center for Artificial Intelligence and Modeling constructs predictive computational models and uses them in the design of new machine learning and statistics methods, to solve important biological problems with high societal impact. The Center leverages cross-disciplinary collaborations between three groups of participants:

  • Biologists collecting massive amounts of multi-omics data in the course of Driving Biological Projects
  • Computational modelers constructing predictive mechanistic models of biological systems based on parameters extracted by machine learning approaches and, in turn, collaborating with machine learning scientists on optimal design of their algorithms
  • Machine learning scientists applying state-of-the-art algorithms to make predictions and extract system parameters from these data.

The Center's mission is to bring together biologists, machine learning scientists, and computational modelers, using the collective scientific expertise spanning these three fields to help bridge gaps and scientific language barriers between different disciplines. 

CAIM is the first large-scale interdisciplinary effort on campus combining experts in the computational, mathematical and life sciences as well as engineers and physicists. The Center and its members will collaborate not only with each other but also with experts in similar institutions across the country and world-wide.