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About CGD

New technologies from the Center for Genomic Diagnostics (CGD) read the information in our body fluids to diagnose and treat disease for a lower cost

Cells across organisms give off unique biomarkers, essentially molecular signals that can relay if the cell is sick, aging, lacking nutrition, etc. By measuring these biomarkers within body fluids, doctors can more easily diagnose our ailments, and recommend more personalized and effective treatments. Genomic sequencing to detect these biomarkers has traditionally been expensive, but researchers at the Center for Genomic Diagnostics (CGD) have been working to develop inexpensive and minimally invasive technologies that can detect and measure biomarkers within a sample quickly and effectively. These new technologies include both handheld personal devices as well as simple portable systems to be used in doctor’s offices, all with the ability to measure specific biomarkers to streamline diagnosis, treatment, and health monitoring on a personal level, without a heavy cost.