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Ethics Center to develop leadership curriculum for HHMI

For scientific leaders today, it’s not enough to generate rigorous and reproducible research. What sets researchers apart is their ability to lead—building a healthy and inclusive work environment, developing early career scientists, and making the right decisions in a wide variety of tough situations. But how? Even the best researchers have rarely received any formal training in the complex role of being a scientific leader.

Illinois Chemist named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

Illinois Chemist named Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has named Jeffrey S. Moore, the Murchison-Mallory Professor of Chemistry at the University of Illinois, an HHMI Professor.

This distinction honors respected researchers who also are transforming education within their fields. Beginning in September 2014, Moore will receive a five-year grant from HHMI and will join the 40 other distinguished scientists to have been named HHMI professors since 2002.

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