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Proposal Development Team

The life of a researcher is a hectic one. Writing proposals is just one item on a long list of important tasks requiring your attention. Fortunately, the IGB has the resources to help you submit a successful grant proposal so you can get back to your research. Not an IGB member? View our FAQ about joining the IGB.

The business office is available with grant support, from providing a checklist of important tasks to collecting biosketches, creating budgets, complete forms, and prepare subcontract documents. They will also liaise between OSPRA and the Sponsor Grants Management Office. The communications and outreach groups can assist you with incorporating outreach activities, providing edit and proofing services for your proposal, or creating a website when required.

The outreach group will provide support for outreach activities and/or educational programs for a grant. Successful programs that have been produced and could be incorporated in the submission include summer day camps, 1-5 day training workshops, and open houses to educate targeted audiences and the general public about specific research. For IGB faculty members looking to include outreach boilerplate or event info for grant proposals, a downloadable Word file is available: IGB Outreach Grant Information Document.

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) also provides the Principal Investigator (PI) Handbook, which may have useful information to reference. The PI Handbook is designed to provide all investigators, especially new faculty, with guidance on sponsored project related policies and practices, to serve as a quick reference for general questions, and to identify helpful resources. It also covers the entire lifecycle of a sponsored project. The PI Handbook is available for download here.

Contact any member of the Grant Support Team or download this document to learn about all the services they provide. 

Grant Support Team