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Ag + Energy

Ag and Energy

Our global environment includes the totality of living and non-living things that make up the world we live in. Work in our Institute advances understanding of how factors such as the changing global climate and human activities have and will continue to impact the environment, ecosystems, and individual species. Research in this area also focuses on the development of sustainable food and biofuel sources, environmental resources we cannot live without.

Featured Stories

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The role of toe tapping behavior in poison frogs is poorly understood.
Aspergillus flavus is uniquely adapted to survive in bee colonies.
From left: Nilmani Singh, Jingxia Lu, Zhixin Zhu, and Huimin Zhao
Coralie Salesse-Smith (right) and Steve Long have proven in a model crop that an increase in mesophyll conductance can be engineered, and that it leads to an increase in photosynthesis.
Soil model and microbe activity