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"Day of Archaeology" is a project that aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archeologists from all over the world.  The project asks people working, studying or volunteering in the archeological world to participate in a “Day of Archaeology” each summer by recording their day through text, images or videos and sharing them on their website.

This year, associate professor of anthropology and IGB member Ripan Malhi was featured in an article entitled "Molecular Archeology Puts Artifacts in Perspective.”

“We can do things now that we haven’t been able to do before,” Malhi said in the article. “I like to say that ancient DNA is in a golden era. When I was a graduate student working on ancient DNA, it probably would’ve taken me years to sequence one complete mitochondrial genome and now we can do that in a week or so.”

Read the full article on the "Day of Archaeology" website here.

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