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where science meets society

Where Science Meets Society

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The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) is an innovative research institute using cutting-edge genomic practices to tackle large-scale global challenges currently facing humanity.

Food security for a growing population. Effective therapeutic drugs and antibiotics. Automated synthesis of new molecules and proteins. Using a team-based, collaborative science approach, researchers at the IGB are addressing these and other complex issues. Our main areas of research below are each supported by our strong commitment to fundamental science – the pursuit of discovery.

Health & Wellness

Health +

How the genome enhances, affects, or disrupts physical and mental wellbeing.

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Technology & Socety

Tech +

Advancing our capability to shape the world and capacity to understand each other.

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Agriculture & Energy

Ag +

Sustainably feeding and fueling a planet impacted by a changing global climate.

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Outreach & Public Engagement

Outreach &
Public Engagement

Encouraging the public to understand how genomics affects daily life and society.

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May 2024


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Featured Stories

The role of toe tapping behavior in poison frogs is poorly understood.
Aspergillus flavus is uniquely adapted to survive in bee colonies.
Composer and software developer Carla Scaletti and chemistry professor Martin Gruebele used sound to investigate hydrogen-bond dynamics during the protein-folding process.  Photo by Fred Zwicky
Left to right: Hua Wang and Rohit Bhargava
Left to right: Yang Bo and Hua Wang
Stephan Lane, left, and Huimin Zhao at the Robotics Showcase and Demo Day.