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North Star Imaging X5000 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography

The X5000 system boasts a large scanning envelop and excellent ergonomics for loading sizable objects while still maintaining the sensitivity to inspect even the smallest of samples.

Key System Specifications and Advanced Modules

Geometric Magnification - >3000x

Overall Maximum System Resolution - 1 micron

X-Ray Source and Tube

Voltage Range - 10 kV to 225 kV

Minimum Focal Spot Size 500nm

Microfocus Tube

X-Ray Detector

Varex 2520DX

8" x 10" (203mm x 254mm) image area

Cesium Scintillator

127 micron pixel pitch; 1536 x 1920 pixels (approximately 3 megapixels), 16-bit resolution

30 fps (2x2 pixel binning) image acquisition; 12.5 fps at full resolution

Tungsten shielded to 225kV

Vortex Scan

This technique scans elongated objects that traditionally cannot fit into a single exposure. The scan does not require volume stitching and the object length is only limited by the system scanning area.

mosaiX and subpiX

mosaiX is used to stitch multiple images forming one seamless image with a much larger field of view. Also, with the mosaiX an subpiX modalities, the effective imaging field of view is no longer limited by the detector panel size. This results in images with improved resolution that is typically double of what the detector alone is capable of achieving (note: this reduces the focal distance by 4" or 10.16cm).

4D Computed Tomography Module

4D CT is an application that combines time and motion with traditional 3D CT volumes. The resulting dynamic data sets allows for the study of form, structure and function. It is an ideal application for failure analysis, reverse engineering and quality assurance.

Technical data on X5000

X5000 Samples Range and Overview


Manufacturer: North Star Imaging, MN

Equipment Model: X5000

Location: Room 5, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Glenn Fried, (217) 333-4328,

Sample images:

Fossil earwig in amber

The image shows the 3D CT reconstruction of a high performance cylinder head cast from scrap aerospace aluminum alloy AA7075