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STEDYCON is a combination of a traditional confocal microscope and a super resolution technique called STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion), with a lateral sub-diffraction resolution limit of 30 nm.

System Configuration:

Two-channel STED imaging - Excitation lasers: 561 nm, 640 nm; STED laser: 775 nm (pulsed)

four-channel confocal imaging – Excitation lasers: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm

Superior STED resolution: <40 nm, typically 30 nm (lateral, depending on dyes and objectives use)

Based on easySTED: all laser lines aligned by design; maintenance-free optical beam path

Four single-photon-counting APD modules; extremely low dark counts to render the finest details and superior photon detection sensitivity (>62 %)

Motorized pinhole with 12 pinholes (10µm to 200µm)

Nikon Ti2-E inverted microscope stand equipped with a 100x oil immersion (N.A. 1.45) objective lens

Recommended fluorescent dyes and coverslip for STED: Red dyes - STAR RED, ATTO647N; Orange dyes – STAR ORANGE, Alexa Fluor 594, ATTO594; coverslip – 170 microns thick (#1.5 or #1.5H)


Manufacturer: Abberior Instruments (

Location: 606, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Contact Person: Glenn Fried (