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Illinois IGB

Submit your photos for the IGB Instagram

We're looking for photos from our IGB members to add to the IGB Instagram page. Maybe you were a part of one of our outreach events, or are doing some exciting research in the lab, attended an interesting conference or symposium, or just have something you'd like to share. Please note, you do not need an Instagram account to send photos!

Our Goal

In addition to the many opportunities we offer to interact with the public, the IGBIllinois Instagram page will allow us to further connect with society. Through our image content, we will highlight IGB researchers, research, bring increased awareness to the variety of experiences we provide, and ultimately humanize the research taking place at the IGB.

What We Post

We post a variety of photos including scientific content, featured scientists, outreach events, Art of Science images, etc.
Examples of photos we would like to have submitted:

  • Daily/weekly events (i.e., working in the lab, prepping experiments, etc.)
  • Other scientists from the IGB you would like to feature
  • Science “fails” (i.e., showing that not all experiments go exactly as planned)   
  • Anything interesting you came across at IGB or generally around campus while doing research (i.e., did you see a beautiful sunrise while driving out to the bee lab? Snap a photo!)
  • Photos from IGB events

How to Submit Photos

Our page relies heavily on sourcing photos from IGB themes, outreach events, and general happenings at IGB.
If you would like to send us an image, please email the picture to or direct message via the Instagram app to @IGBIllinois.
In addition to the photo, please include:

  • A caption explaining what the image is showing
  • What theme and/or department you are a member of
  • Your Instagram name (if you would like to be tagged/credited)
  • Any hashtags you would like included

You can also follow us on Instagram @IGBIllinois to see all of your great photos.
Lastly, if you’d like to view a few other accounts for inspiration or to better understand what we hope to build, please visit the following Instragram pages:

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