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The World of Genomics, presented by the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB), brings the full scope of our research in health, technology, and the environment to the public with hands-on activities and exhibits for all ages, designed to make the broadest impact on the largest audience.

World of Genomics
World of Genomics at the Field Museum, Chicago Illinois

The World of Genomics exhibition has six interactive learning stations staffed by IGB researchers, and features hands-on learning with state-of-the-art microscopy, robotics, activities and artifacts. These exhibits showcase the breadth and depth of IGB research in engaging and creative ways, encouraging active participation by attendees. Our debut was at the Chicago Field Museum in May 2017 for Members’ Nights and local school students and museum visitors over a three day period.

World of Genomics Funnel
Carl R. Woese & the IGB: Attendees were greeted with a chance to get to know the IGB, one of the first interdisciplinary research institutes of its kind, and to find out about how our namesake changed the face of biology and evolution as we know it.


World of Genomics
Brains & Behavior station: Visitors learned how genes affect behavior and health by examining bee brains in 3D alongside an observation hive with live bees.


World of Genomics
Personalized Health: Attendees were able to learn about the ways in which each human is unique by exploring next-generation therapeutics and meeting the microbial community that lives inside us.


World of Genomics
Food & Fuel: On display were the ways scientists are learning to grow enough food for tomorrow by using robotics and computer vision to identify better crops.


World of Genomics
Emergence of Life: Viewers observed how life begins and adapts in our ever-changing world by interacting with samples of the earliest microorganisms, prehistoric life and more.


World of Genomics
DNA to Drugs: Visitors witnessed the drug discovery pipeline in action, a critical pathway for combating growing antimicrobial resistance.