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Operations & Facilities

The IGB Operations and Facilities group is responsible for the interior and exterior physical spaces of the building, the building mechanical systems and utility infrastructure, repair and maintenance, space remodeling or system modifications, safety and compliance, and the daily operations of the Institute.

Facilities Resources


New Arrival Information: Key Request/Card Access

For new IGB members, info on building access, computer accounts, and training

IGB New Employee Checklist

IGB Connect Access Request

Acknowledgement of Risk Form

The policy of the University of Illinois and is that volunteers, extra help, minors, 0% appointments, etc., have accident and health insurance coverage through the University Student Health Insurance Plan, through his/her parent’s health insurance plan, or through insurance coverage the individual purchased.  Please complete the “Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk Form” and return to Room 1601 IGB (1st floor Gatehouse) with IGB entry form prior to working at the IGB.

Building Request Form

Including maintenance, repair, moving, remodeling, and furniture requests, or building service, ground, and security issues

Fill out form

IGB Exit Form & Key Refund Authorization (if applicable)

If leaving the IGB permanently, complete and return to the IGB receptionist (Room 1601 Gatehouse).  Your prox card will be deactivated on departure date.  If you paid $20 key deposit, complete the key refund authorization form and return form with key to Room 1601. 

IGB Exit Form (PDF)

IGB Info Manual

Procedures and services of the IGB, includes info related to building policies, departments, programs, and support.


Nameplate Templates

IGB office Nameplate template

IGB Cubical Nameplate template

Oversize Nameplate Template (Conference Rooms)

IGB Vehicle Request/Reservation

Please note, in order to use the IGB vehicle drivers must first complete a Departmental Driver Form. 

Vehicle Reservation Form


Illinois Parking Department

Property Accounting/Equipment Inventory/Equipment Disposal

IGB scrap or surplus assets for submission to the Office of Business and Financial Affairs (OBFS).  Once approved by OBFS, the asset(s) are removed from IGB inventory.


Emergency Preparedness

These University Police Department-produced videos are related to emergency preparedness and the concept of “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Learn more

Seasonal Announcements

IGB Holiday Schedule and Building Information

Learn more

Array Cafe

Interested in working at Array Café?
Please download and complete this application, and return to Carlos Spinks at

Array Cafe is available to cater events. To schedule cafe services, fill out our catering form.



Space Requests


IGB Conference Space Request Form - Concourse Spaces

The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology’s Operations and Facilities office handles the use and scheduling of the conference center. The IGB conference center holds up to 90 people. If you are requesting a space other than conference room 612, please email

Request Form

607 Computer Lab Request Form

Request Form

Event Planning

For assistance with conferences, seminars, symposia, or other events, visit the Event Planning section for information and guidance. 

 Event Planning


Safety and Compliance


Safety Resources

All IGB safety and compliance materials can be found here. Further information is available through links and resources tabs.

Resource List

Emergency Information

Emergency (Fire, Police or Ambulance)
(campus phone) 9-911
(cell phone) 911

Division of Research Safety
(217) 333-2755

Facilities and Services Safety and Compliance Unit
(217) 265-9828

Non-emergency Police Department
(217) 333-8911

Maintenance / Repair Service
(217) 333-0340

MTD SafeRides
(217) 333-3184

Download IGB Safety Manual

Safety Training and Exams

Who needs to take the online safety training? Researchers, all IGB support staff, all users of Core Facilities, and faculty are required to take safety trainings.

Learn More


Shipping and Receiving


Office Information

IGB Shipping and Receiving is here to assist you in mailing your parcels worldwide.  We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM -12:00 PM and 1:00- 4:30 PM to receive parcels (closed during the lunch hour).  To ensure a parcel is sent out the day requested, the Shipping Form must be completed, and the parcel must be brought to IGB Receiving by 2:30 pm so we can complete the processing and meet the pickup schedule of the UPS and FedEx Carriers.  

IGB Shipping Form

We have a new version of the IGB Shipping Form that is easy to complete and is accessible from a computer or phone. It allows you to keep a copy of your shipping requests, and you can start and save the form to complete it later while you gather more information. You will need to log in with your University NetID. 

If you are sending a parcel internationally, please get in touch with and ask for the Commercial Ship form and an IGB Letterhead for international shipping. 

IGB Shipping Form

Mail and Parcels 

Mail and parcels delivered to IGB throughout the day are sorted and delivered to the IGB drop zones throughout the facility.   An email is then sent to the name on the incoming parcel, notifying them that a parcel is ready for pick up at the designated drop zone for their area.  On occasion, when there is no name listed on the parcel, we do our best to locate someone who may be associated with the purchase. If you think a parcel was delivered and you can’t find it, look for it in the drop zone and then email IGB Receiving; we may be holding it without a name or location.

CNRG On top of the right set of drawers upon entering 131
138 The cart immediately inside the room
109 Shelving unit immediately inside the northern lab door
1200 Cart outside the conference room
1500 Desk designated for packages to the right after entering the northernmost entrance to the lab
2200 Lab bench directly behind the pillar after entering the easternmost set of double lab doors
2500 Lab bench to the left of the southernmost set of lab double doors
3200 Shelving unit outside of the lab near the eastern single lab door
3500 Lab bench to the left of the southernmost set of lab double lab doors
Gatehouse Information Desk
Letter Mail

Through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). You can drop it off with us, and USPS will pick up any outgoing mail on the days they deliver.  

Campus Mail picks up from IGB regularly, excluding weekends and holidays.




Jesse Southern

Jesse Southern

Director of Operations and Facilities
(217) 244-1834


Robert Mann

Robert Mann

Occupational Safety Coordinator
(217) 244-8346


IGB Facilities & Services Survey

The IGB Facilities group is interested in improving our service to the IGB and its community. Please complete our survey to help us understand how we can better help you.

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