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IGB Conference Space Request Form - Concourse Spaces

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Contact Information

The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology's Operations and Facilities office handles the use and scheduling of the conference center. The IGB conference center holds up to 90 people

Following are special conditions regarding the use of space in the IGB (in order of priority):

  1. Groups conducting research in the IGB whose events are related to their research activities.
  2. Central and campus administrative units holding events important to the campus as a whole.
  3. Units or individuals working in areas scientifically or technically related to IGB research area.
  4. Campus units or individuals holding events of academic importance to the campus as a whole but are unrelated to IGB programs.
  5. Off-campus organizations whose events are unrelated to the IGB will rarely be granted approval.

Use of IGB facilities may be accorded to organizations other than those categorized above, within or outside the University, when such use does not interfere with other planned activities, and when the best interests of the University would appear to be served.

If your event includes alcohol, please review the IGB Alcohol Approval Policy.

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