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Illinois IGB

Walk of Life Paver

The double helix – the classically beautiful twisting ladder that forms the shape of DNA - is beautifully depicted within the landscape of the IGB.

Located to the west of the IGB building, adjacent to the historic Morrow Plots, the Walk of Life pays tribute to the historical discoveries that enable our work on the cutting edge of genomic research. Contributing to the Walk of Life is a unique opportunity to simultaneously support our mission and become a permanent part of IGB history.

Walk of Life pavers are the perfect way to commemorate anniversaries or special events, or to honor a loved one's special achievements. Walk of Life pavers are available for a $2,500 or $1,200 contribution to the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology.

Hear the history behind those who have chosen to make a permanent contribution to our Institute and how the Walk of Life is celebrating the discoveries that inspire our ground-breaking genomic research here.

The 12” x 24” pavers are $2,500 and are available in two colors: grey or red.  The 12” x 12” pavers are $1,200 and are available in white or pink. The pavers are customizable with up to four lines of engraved text. Your investment in the IGB will serve as a lasting connection to the University of Illinois for years to come.

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