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H. Rex Gaskins elected President-elect of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine

May 17, 2012

Founded in 1903, the SEBM is a not-for-profit scientific society formed to promote investigation in the biomedical sciences by encouraging and facilitating interchange of scientific information among disciplines. The Society publishes the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine ( and has had a longstanding focus on fostering the career development of clinician-scientists and trainees.

Professor Gaskins, Professor of Immunobiology, Departments of Animal Sciences and Pathobiology, Division of Nutritional Sciences, and IGB faculty member of the Host-Microbe Systems and Regenerative Biology & Tissue Engineering research themes, has been active in the SEBM since joining as a graduate student in 1988. Professor Gaskins will serve one year as President-elect beginning in July 2012, two years as President and a final year as Past-Presdent.

May 17, 2012
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