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Illinois IGB


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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The mission of the IGB is to advance life science research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and to stimulate bio-economic development in the state of Illinois. Our members not only conduct path-breaking genomic research to address societal issues, but they also strive to connect science, technology and business to maximize the impact of their science. The IGB seeks to foster the environment, resources, networking, and exposure necessary to become a successful innovator and entrepreneur for our postdoctoral researchers, students, and faculty.


The biological and life sciences add value to a host of products and services, producing what is known as “bioeconomy." IGB simulates the Illinois bioeconomy by tackling grand challenges in the areas of food security, energy, health, technology, and environmental conservation. At IGB, we strive for our science to reach society in impactful ways, such as creating products, improving quality of life, and continuing to drive economic growth. IGB values its partnerships with pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biotechnology companies for the unique expertise, capabilities, and resources they provide to further develop and bring to market novel technologies discovered at IGB.

Where Science Meets Society

The IGB embodies its motto “Where Science Meets Society” by encouraging the translation of discoveries in the lab to commercial products. Since the establishment of IGB in 2007, over 30 licenses have been optioned to industrial and research partners. IGB researchers have submitted over 110 patent applications, with 26+ patents issued so far. Over eight start-up companies formed to commercialize technology developed at IGB, and our innovative faculty are affiliated with many more start-ups and small companies.

For more information about bioeconomic opportunities or to schedule a tour of the IGB, please contact Director of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships Tracy Parish (217.265.0880 |