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Bioeconomy: Fox Family Lecture Series

Fox Family Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

The Fox family and the IGB have partnered to bring a series of speakers to discuss all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship. Past speakers have included members from the Technology Entrepreneur Center on campus, to external speakers from public and private industry. These lectures are made possible through a generous gift by Peter and Kim Fox and family to support bioeconomic development.

Past Fox Family Lectures
Transforming Research into New Medicines: Lessons Learned Building New Biotech Companies
Mark Tracy, President of Tracy BioConsulting

Drug Research & Development: Extraordinary Opportunities in Uncertain Times
Michael Kinch, Associate Vice Chancellor & Director/Professor of Center for Research Innovation in Business
Washington University School of Medicine

The Practiceal Application of Human Cells & Tissue in Surgical Procedures
Tom Cycyota, President & CEO AlloSource    

Single Molecule Real time DNA Sequencing
Harold Craighead, Professor Cornell University (Applied &Engineering Physics)    

10 Most Critical Factors for Startup Success
Tom Denison, Co-Founder & President of SmartHealth Activator

Innovation, Culture and You
Lucy Sanders, CEO & Co-Founder National Center for Women and Information Technology    

Product Development in a Regulated Industry
Edwin Moore, President & Principal Consultant Abbott (Retired)

A Novel Series of Efflux Pump Inhibitors to Combat Multidrug Resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Tim Opperman, Senior Research Scientist at Microbiotix

PhD Student to Entrepreneur
Andrew Miller, Founder, Director, COO of Karuna Pharmaceuticals

Entrepreneurial Success:  Executing Breakthrough Innovations
Catherine Kleinmuntz, Co-Founder, Past President & CEO of Strata Decision Technology    

Biotechnology Companies and the Rise of Cancer Immunotherapies
David Kranz, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Illinois & Co-Founder of ImmuVen/BioDisplay    

A Scientist Can Make a Great Entrepreneur
Robert Altman Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Turning Science Into Social Impact
Kevin White, Professor Uchicago & President of Tempus

How Broad Proteomics Can Lead to More Understanding of Human Biology
Larry Gold, Founder, Chairman of the Board & Former CEO of SomaLogic    

Growth Hack Your Future
Rosemarie Truman, Founder & CEO, Board Member of The Center for Advancing Innovation

Funding Innovation: A non-dilutive Approach
Eva Garland, CEO if Eva Garland Consulting

My Lessons in Business
Scott Uknes, co-Founder & co-CEO, AgBiome

Dr. Hindsight’s Guide to Commercializing Personal Nutrition: Lessons Learned from Launching and Selling Habit
Joshua Anthony, Founder & CEO, Nlumn, LLC

Building Breakthrough Genomics Startups
Marc Martin-Casas, Seed Investments and Venture Development, Illumina Accelerator