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Optical Microscopy Class

Physics 598OM

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Course Title: Optical Microscopy, Physics 598OM

Course Description: This course provides a broad overview of light microscopy. The topics will be introduced in lectures, and the labs will give the student hands-on practice. The labs are coordinated with the lectures, such that the concepts will be introduced before the laboratory exercises. We will begin with the preparation of biological samples, introduce important optic concepts and common spectroscopic signals, discuss different microscope techniques, and finish with an introduction to image analysis techniques. This course is targeted to students at the advanced bachelor level or beginning graduate level from across all disciplines; the goal is to provide a solid background in the theoretical concepts and practical skills in modern imaging that can be applied in their research projects.

Prerequisite: None.

Credit: 3 hrs,

Class time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 to 12:00,

Lab time: 3 hours of lab per week, to be arranged.

Course Instructors: Professor Robert Clegg-Department Physics; Dr. Glenn Fried-Director, Core Facilities, Institute for Genomic Biology; Dr. Mayandi Sivaguru (Shiv)-Microscopy Facility Manager, Institute for Genomic Biology


Physics 598 OM - Spring 2010