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Illinois IGB

Core Facilities

Midwest Advanced MINFLUX and Super Resolution Workshop 2023

The IGB Core Facilities and Abberior Instruments co-hosted the Midwest Advanced MINFLUX and Super Resolution Workshop from May 30th to June 2, 2023. The workshop highlighted STED and MINFLUX technology through talks and hands-on sessions with the Core's MINFLUX system and a demo STEDYCON system. The four day schedule allowed for both introductory and in-depth talks, as well as 22 hours of STEDYCON and 27 hours of MINFLUX hands-on sessions.


The talks may be viewed with the links below. 


Tuesday, May 30th

Stefan W. Hell – MINFLUX And Related Subjects

Mary Grace Velasco – STED Imaging

Christian Wurm – MINFLUX Imaging

Jessica Matthias – MINFLUX Tracking

Paul Selvin – MINFLUX Applied To Molecular Motors


Wednesday, May 31st

Mary Grace Velasco – STED Sample Preparation

Kingsley Boateng – MINFLUX Sample Preparation

Tobias Weihs – Technical Aspects of MINFLUX Measurements

Reza Rajabi-Toustani – MINFLUX Structural Model of the Mammalian Meiotic Synaptonemal Complex

Mary Grace Velasco – STEDYCON Live Demo - Room 607

Jessica Matthias – MINFLUX Live Demo - Room 607


Thursday, June 1st

Clara Guerth – MINFLUX Data Analysis

Richard Lincoln – MINFLUX Dye Development


 More information on the MINFLUX can be found at Abberior Instruments.