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Core Staff Microscopy Publications

Core Staff Microscopy Publications

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Teaching Activities:

  • Lectures and Lab activity: OM PHY-598 2010-2013 Optical Microscopy Prof. Bob Clegg.
  • Lab Activity: ME 498 Optics, Theory and Application Prof. Kimani Toussaint.
  • Lab Activity: ME 482, SHG Microscopy Lab, Prof. Amy Wagoner Johnson.
  • Lab Activity: PHY 598BP Spring Semester Optics and Deconvolution. Prof. Paul Selvin.
  • Lab Activity: IB 439, Biogeography, Prof. Surangi Punyasena.
  • Lab Activity: Center for Physics of Living Cells, Summer Program. Prof. Anna Marie Sokac, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX.

Outreach Activities:

  • Mahomet Seymour Junior High Science Club activities.
  • Pollen Power: Three years in a row. Camp for middle school girls, an NSF program.
  • Art of Science: Display of Scientific Art to the Public and local community. Images from CRWIGB core displayed at ORD, MDW and CMI Airports.
  • Hosted 2015 Principles of Fluorescence Techniques workshop.