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Computational Genomics: Research

Spatial Omics Initiative

Spatial omics technologies can provide spatially resolved high-throughput genomic information in intact tissues and samples. The Spatial Omics Initiative aims to advance research in this area at the University of Illinois. See here for more information.

Computational Microbial Genomics Working Group

New complex questions in microbial function and ecology are stretching the limits of existing computational analytical tools. The Microbial Genomics Working Group aims to bring together microbiologists and computational scientists to address this gap.

Spring 2024

The focus this semester will be on pan-genomics-type methods for handling the extreme diversity of microbial genomes. Trainees are encouraged to attend, give talks, meet other trainees from different backgrounds, and help kickstart collaborations!

Meetings will be in IGB 612 from 12 pm - 1 pm, lunch provided, on the following Fridays:

January 19, 2024: Introduction; slides, recording, and notes
February 16, 2024: Chris Fields, slides and recording
March 29, 2024: Ilan Shomorony, recording
April 26, 2024: Rachel Whitaker

Fall 2023

August 28, 2023: introductory slides and recording
September 25, 2023: discussion on methods in the microbiome field led by Chris Gaulke, recording
October 26, 2023 (Thursday): computational work in immunology led by Yiquan Wang of the Wu lab
November 27, 2023: discussion of this paper on mapping and analysis of short-read data with David Vereau and the Heath Lab

Join the mailing list if you are interested in getting updates. We've set up a Slack channel if you are interested in connecting with others. Contact us at with any other questions.