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The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology seeks international partners to participate in a new Visiting Scholar Program. With twelve research themes and additional research initiatives spanning food security, energy, health, technology, and the environment, IGB is a global leader in genomic science. The successful practice of multi-disciplinary team science is one of the hallmarks of discovery within the IGB. Growing interest and investment in large-scale, team-based research has led to new scientific inquiry into the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary research teams, attributes of successful research teams and team leaders, and toolkits to assist researchers with the collaborative science process. Through the research and collaborative partnerships of the IGB, training in team science will be disseminated to international partner institutions.

The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology Visiting Scholar Program (IGB-VSP) seeks to form partnerships with universities, foundations and government laboratories to nominate qualified individuals to join an existing IGB theme and receive training in team-based science. In addition to the research opportunities provided by participation in one or more IGB research themes, Visiting Scholars will engage in workshops and seminars featuring experts in the science and practice of team science. Participants will be able to export a sophisticated understanding of the principles of team science to their home institutions upon completion of the program.


For additional information and to nominate international partners, please contact IGB-VSP coordinator Dr. Brian Allan at