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G. William Arends Professor in Molecular and Cellular Biology

April 24, 2013

William Metcalf, Professor of Microbiology, leader of the Mining Microbial Genomes research theme and member of the EBI, was recently selected by the University of Illinois as the G. William Arends Professor in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Professor Metcalf has been pursuing important work since joining the university in 1997. His research is centered around gaining understanding of microbial metabolic processes towards the potential development of new antibiotics, and the development and application of genetic techniques for analysis of the methane-producing Archaea. This work impacts critical problems such as climate change, alternative fuel sources, and the treatment of human disease. 

Metcalf is one of only two holders of Arends Professorships, the other being Evan DeLucia, Professor of Plant Biology and member of the Genomic Ecology of Gloabal Change research theme. Both Metcalf and DeLucia are faculty members at the IGB.

April 24, 2013
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