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Illinois IGB

List of Funding Opportunities

You may direct your gift to precisely the area you want to support. We have listed several examples here of how your gift can be used and what it will be supporting.  Thank you for your support to help solidify the University of Illinois as a world leader in genomics.

  • IGB Environment Research
    • Support for research and travel
  • IGB Health Research
    • Support for research and travel
  • IGB Technology
    • Support for Core Facilities and computational research
  • IGB Economic Development
    • Help foster downstream capitalization of research and enable innovative technologies to reach important milestones which may accelerate their translation into licensable products and services
  • Carl R. Woese Research Fund
    • Support for scientists and students with interests that include the evolutionary process, systems biology, and ecosystem dynamics
  • Harris A. Lewin Lecture
    • Recognize the lecture of a world-renowned scientist in the Pioneers in Genomic Biology lecture series in honor of IGB Founding Director, Harris A. Lewin
  • IGB Education and Outreach Fund
    • Support for K-12 education and outreach through IGB
  • IGB Student Fund
    • Support for undergrads and grad students in the IGB labs
  • IGB Annual Fund
    • General support for research, travel, equipment, operations

Please use our giving to multiple funds page to make your donation.