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Art Lab


Art Lab is a free-to-attend workshop series where community members can engage with the sciences through a guided art project. Each workshop aims to explore a different artistic medium – from pen and ink to embroidery – while covering interesting and topical scientific concepts. Free art supplies for attendees of upcoming workshops are made possible by an award from the City of Urbana Arts and Culture Program.

Do I need to register? 

Yes, registration and RSVP is required. Keep an eye on the calendar for when new events are announced—registration fills quickly! 

Do I need to bring my own supplies?

No, all supplies are provided for free for all registered attendees. 

When do Art Lab workshops happen? 

Art Lab occurs quarterly, so you can expect one event in the spring, fall, summer, and winter. 

Examples of Programs

Ink the brain
Ink the Brain is a two hour workshop where attendees can enjoy creating an image of a neuron using pen and ink as you learn about the brain, the history of science and the famous work of early neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal. 

Collage a Chromosome 
Collage a Chromosome invites attendees to join us in relaxing collage making in the shape of chromosomes. You will learn about how we can view the chromosomes in our cells and what scientists learn from visualizing them. 

Sew a Cell 
Attendees of Sew a Cell workshops will have the opportunity to learn embroidery while creating their own designs. Designs will be inspired by bacteria, molds, and fungi often studied by researchers at the IGB. 

Print a Petal 
At Print a Petal, attendees will use printing gels to create striking images of flowers, leaves, and other botanicals. Create these prints while learning how scientists can image and study plants in the lab. 

To find out if there is an Art Lab workshop coming up, check out the outreach calendar, or contact us at