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The IGB provides this workshop-based certificate program, Professional Skills for Careers in Biosciences (PSCB), for early career scholars.

The PSCB workshop series is intended for graduate students and postdocs to develop and enhance their universal job skills, including communication, professionalism, interviewing, networking, writing, designing, mentoring, and leadership. Each of the thirteen workshops throughout the year will cover topics related a variety of bioscience career paths, including academia, industry, entrepreneurship, policy, teaching, writing, and others. The course will end with a communications workshop. 

Workshop details
  • Registration is for 12 workshops plus one capstone event
  • Each workshop will meet from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 
  • Participants must attend 75% of sessions (9 of 12) and the final capstone event for credit. 
  • A certificate is offered after completion of the capstone event
  • No homework required
Do I have to complete an application? 

No, but PSCB does fill up so be sure to register on time. 

Who can register for PSCB? 

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are welcome to register for PSCB.

What type of workshops can I expect when registering? 

PSCB hosts a variety of industry research scientists, entrepreneurs, faculty, technology managers, librarians, CEOs, grant specialists, and more! Annually, we host a career panel to hear from a variety of individuals all at once. Workshops can range from advice on academic funding acquisition to exploring a new career that not many PhDs would think to consider. 

Where can I find syllabi from previous years? 

'20-'21 PSCB syllabus
'21-'22 PSCB Syllabus
'22-'23 PSCB Syllabus
'23-'24 PSCB Syllabus

PSCB is a year-long program that starts in September and ends in April, consisting of 12 workshops with a capstone event at the end. Registration will open up in August.