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Illinois group to study brain health as part of NIH BRAIN Initiative

Martha Gillette, professor of cell and development biology at Illinois, has studied the brain for most of her life. Her current work focuses on improving the lives of those affected by brain disorders.

Gillette, an IGB affiliate and Beckman Institute member, and colleagues were awarded more than $2 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) BRAIN Initiative to develop an analytical platform that can lead to new developments in neuroscience and create diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities in treating neurological diseases.

It Takes A(n Academic) Village to Determine Enzyme's Function

It Takes A(n Academic) Village to Determine Enzyme's Function

Scientists have sequenced the genomes of nearly 6,900 organisms, but they know the functions of only about half of the protein-coding genes thus far discovered. Now a multidisciplinary effort involving 15 scientists from three institutions has begun chipping away at this mystery – in a big way. Their work to identify the function of one bacterial protein and the biochemical pathway in which it operates will also help identify the functions of hundreds of other proteins.

Three IGB faculty named Illinois Center for Advanced Study Professors

Three IGB faculty receive recognition from Illinois’ Center for Advanced Study

IGB faculty members Nigel Goldenfeld, Stephen Long, and Jonathan Sweedler were among nine Illinois faculty who have been named as the Center for Advanced Study’s most recently elected Professors. Goldenfeld, Long, and Sweedler collectively represent six of the nine IGB Research Themes, and all three are engaged in innovative work that spans multiple campus research units.

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