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Outreach partners

The IGB Outreach group has partnered and worked with a large number of industry leaders, organizations, community members, and campus colleagues. We are grateful for the efforts of our collaborators and thank them for their involvement in achieving our goals.


Science Unexpected

Gameday Genomics

The IGB's motto is "Where Science Meets Society" and in addition to the regularly scheduled events we hold, we also like to show up in places unannounced to engage with people in new and exciting locations ... we call that Science Unexpected and we've had some wonderful interactions with members of the community who had a chance to learn about science and the IGB as a nice surprise.

Forensic Science

In conjunction with Parkland Community College's Pathways program and the Department of Anthropology, classes held at the IGB for ANTH 247 introduce students to the laboratory practices, molecular biology and DNA analysis skills commonly used by forensic DNA scientists. A hands-on, interactive approach is used that incorporates many of the same tools used by professional forensic DNA scientists.

Volunteer with the IGB

Volunteer at the IGB

Interested in volunteering for one of the many IGB outreach and public engagement events? We're always interested in recruiting new members to work with the public and help them understand our research and mission, and help share a broader understanding of science.

Proposal Development Team

The life of a researcher is a hectic one. Writing proposals is just one item on a long list of important tasks requiring your attention. Fortunately, the IGB has the resources to help you submit a successful grant proposal so you can get back to your research. Not an IGB member? View our FAQ about joining the IGB.

World of Genomics

The World of Genomics, presented by the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB), brings the full scope of our research in health, technology, and the environment to the public with hands-on activities and exhibits for all ages, designed to make the broadest impact on the largest audience.

Helpful Links

There are a variety of superb online resources for learning about genomics. Here is a selection of those we have found helpful:

Hands-On Genomics

Learning about genomics does not always require fancy equipment! In fact, some of the most popular activities we have enacted require only affordable and familiar household items. Here are a few of our favorites that may be a good fit for your kitchen or classroom:

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