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New journalism master’s degree track focusing on science and technology receives campus funding

December 18, 2022

With a significant need for professionals to communicate science, discoveries, and innovations to the general public, a flexible hybrid/online program—with a focus on science and technology—will be offered through the journalism master’s degree beginning Fall 2023.

December 18, 2022

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IGB Networking Events – Presenting a Sketch Talk

For IGB faculty presenting at networking events or other relationship-building opportunities with alumni, donors, or industry leaders, we have prepared the following guidelines designed to maximize your impact with these audiences. We have developed an approach called a “sketch talk,” a one slide presentation aimed at individuals who have no scientific training or background, that will deliver a clear takeaway through the use of a compelling image and a narrative content structure.

Speaking with the Media


  • Identify the key points the reporter must understand by the end of your interview.
  • Interviews may take place in-person, over the phone, or through a submitted list of questions. If in person, meet in a relatively quiet, well-lit location. If possible, use a location that enhances the message you are conveying.
  • You do not have to be interviewed on the spot, the first time the reporter makes contact with you. You may wish to arrange a time to call back, mindful of the fact that journalists are nearly always on a very tight deadline.
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