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New IGB research theme takes closer look at protection of genomic data

Genomic technologies have the power to transform individual healthcare for the better. But with that power comes responsibility—the responsibility to protect the privacy of the individual and to make ethical choices that respect the rights of communities and populations.

Drugs reprogram genes in breast tumors to prevent endocrine resistance

Treating breast tumors with two cancer drugs simultaneously may prevent endocrine resistance by attacking the disease along two separate gene pathways, scientists at the University of Illinois found in a new study.

The two drugs used in the study, selinexor and 4-OHT, caused the cancer cells to die and tumors to regress for prolonged periods, said food science and human nutrition professor Zeynep Madak-Erdogan (ONC-PM), the principal investigator on the study.

Fatty acids rewire cells to promote obesity-related breast cancer

Scientists at the University of Illinois have found that free fatty acids in the blood appear to boost proliferation and growth of breast cancer cells. The finding could help explain obese women’s elevated risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

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