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Illinois IGB


Art of Science Zine

The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology's Art of Science (AoS) program has created and Art of Science Zine. This publication is a low fi medium to circulate ideas about Science, Art, and much more.

Zines are small, self-published, locally distributed magazines that often contain both visual and literary content. Some of the earliest zines were created to discuss science fiction; we will honor these roots by using a zine to explore the intersection of science and art.

We are always looking for contributors who are interested in creating visual, written, or mixed content. Contributors are free to submit content as often or as rarely as they like; anyone in the IGB community may contribute.

Contributions to the AoS Zine could include:

  1. Visual
    • Research images
    • Science-related artwork:
      • paintings
      • Photography
      • Images of crafts
  2. Written
    • Essays on science and/or research 1000 word max
    • DIY science projects
    • Poetry
    • Short stories
    • Personal narratives