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Vaccine Outreach

Vaccine Discovery Kits

Scientists Needed!  

Attention all citizens! Dr. Skeld from the Polusville Center for Disease Control needs help to find a vaccine for the new disease Severe Unicorn Syndrome (SUS). Do you have what it takes to stop the spread of SUS? Sort through data, solve puzzles, and piece together clues in our Vaccine Discovery Kits!

Vaccine Discovery Kits will run monthly from May 1st – August 1st. Each month, a Vaccine Discovery Kit will be available for download on this page or pickup at Champaign and Urbana public libraries. Sign-up here to reserve a kit for pickup. Well, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence!

Kit 1 - Introduction to vaccines
Dr. Skeld has provided you with all the necessary materials for a refresher course on vaccines. Some activities include sorting through newspaper articles and connecting the dots. Download the materials here!

Kit 2 - Vaccine Development
Dr. Skeld needs you to help him with Phase 1 of SUS vaccine development. Nine companies have sent the information on their vaccines but you need to find the right vaccines for the job. Activities include using a cipher wheel and connecting the dots. Download the materials here!

Kit 3 - Vaccine Safety and Efficacy
The number of SUS cases are exploding and Dr. Skeld needs you to work quickly on Phases 2 and 3 of vaccine development! Activities include helping Nurse Needle with the vaccine trials, looking at vaccination symptoms, and calculating vaccine efficacy. Download the materials here!

Kit 4 - Vaccine Distribution
Thank you for helping Dr. Skeld figure out which vaccines are safe enough for Polusville! We need you to help Pilot A. Bird distribute them across the town. Activities include creating a vaccine ad, map reading, and drawing. Download the materials here!


Vaccine Access

Here you will find the latest information on vaccine availability and resources for finding vaccine clinics. The COVID-19 vaccine is now available for Champaign County residents 16 years of age or older, including University of Illinois faculty, staff and students.




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